Saturday, September 29, 2007

Workin hard!Duelly (black dog below) and Jackson
The weather has been cooperating nicely for training lately. We have been running our 4.2 mile trail, going slow for the most part with a couple bursts of speed to get them ready for upcoming training. Tonight, we will move up to 6 miles with bursts of speed here and there and eventually will run more of a race pace in the next few weeks to get ready for sleds in December and racing in January. Duelly has really stepped up to the plate in lead this fall. He has been so focused, where in the past, he was always concerned about every noise behind him and getting distracted. Looks like he finally worked all that out. Jackson, who is only a yearling, is doing a great job in lead this fall. He will be challenging for positions on the main team this year in the shorter races. He is going to be a really good dog as far as I can see at this point. His littermates: Gibson, Martin, Tak, Taylor, Fender and Peavey look great as well!!

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