Thursday, October 4, 2007

Zoey & her daughter Memphis (below). Don't they look alike?? The only real difference between them is Memphis is a little fluffier than her mom. Zoey is the mother to two litters of pups in our kennel. We have 3 really good yearlings out of her and seven 14 week old pups. Martin (white dog) and his sister Fender (the guitar litter). Fender is doing exceptionally well. Martin is kinda a knucklehead still, a bit distracted at times, but is still doing a good job. He is always running on his partner's side, which I hope he learns NOT to do by sled training. He really turns on the speed when asked.
Gibson (left) and his sister Taylor (more of the guitar litter). They are both doing awesome!! Gibson is running a pretty good lead so far. They both are very hard driving dogs! Gibson never once chased the 4wheeler like his siblings as pups when I free ran them. I had doubts about him, not anymore. He is exceeding all my expectations.

Eddie (brown yearling) and Odessa (mother to the guitar litter). Odessa always does well. Eddie is a super yearling!! So well behaved, works hard and runs lead like a natural. We are so glad we were able to buy him from the Curtice's. We really like him!

Duelly (black dog) and his sister Otter. Their mom is our almost retired super leader Windows. They are hopefully going to take after her. Both are running lead very well this year, focused and confident. Duelly was a knucklehead as a youngster, but had moments of greatness, so we hung onto him. Very glad we did, at races he really turns it on! He gets more and more confident every year. I really hope to have Otter as a main leader this year. She is very smart and is getting good at commands.

We are still running our 5.6 mile trail for the past week. It has been too warm most days to move the mileage up anymore. Last night was our first really cool night since last Fri. The dogs were on fire and really enjoyed the faster bursts of speed here and there during the run. I enjoyed it as well!! Going slow for over a month gets old after awhile. But, the dogs really need to build muscles going slower for awhile before we implement any speed. October is the time to start focusing on a race pace. We start by doing short bursts of speed till they are running their race pace most of the run by the end of the month.
We also have to get going on our dog box repairs before the 3rd weekend of this month when we go to Newberry, to Shaw's training weekend. It is so FUN!! We had to miss it last year since our new dog trailer wasn't done and there is nothing like waiting till the last minute this year to do some repairs on it before we go!! We ordered our new latches and hinges (ones that don't rust) and will begin fixing it this weekend.

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