Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Relief 2!!!!!Woohoo!!!!! Finally, the temps are back to normal!!! I could've done cartwheels this morning when I woke up to a temp of 44 degrees, but I am getting old! It has been unbearably hot here since last Friday, in the high 80's and very humid. I can't ever remember an October like this. Our last run with the dogs was Thursday night, they've had 4 days off. Tonight we will finally get to run again!! Our 4wheeler is being fixed, we have some major brake problems that we can't figure out, so I will borrow my dad's and run tonight and hopefully we will have ours back tomarrow. I don't know if I will be used to a 4wheeler that actually has working brakes. So far this season, we've had to run no more than 11 dogs per team and park on a hill when we stop. I will finally be able to run a bigger team tomarrow, so that means training only one team per day, which will be nice not having to be outside till the wee hours of the night running both teams. We have also starting repairing our dog box doors. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, we need it done by next weekend to go to Shaw's. One of these years, it will actually be DONE and we won't have to spend all our time fixing it! We got new latches, hinges, ordering the expanded metal for the doors, and we will repaint it. I will post a picture when we finally finish it. Enjoy all the GREAT cold weather coming our way, I know I will be!!!!!!!

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Billie said...

We have no cold weather in sight here. GA stays warm for awhile. But fall is around the corner for us. I miss you friend. I love hearing you talk about wishing for cold weather...it is totally you and it reminds me of hanging out with you every year before hunting season. Anyway, miss you and I am glad your getting your cold weather...I will enjoy my high 80's for a while longer and think of you out running those doggies each night when I am running myself in the heat. Talk to you soon.