Monday, September 10, 2007

Family TimeAna's picture for Grandma & Grandpa

Larry painting

Me painting. If anyone remembers a LONG time ago, there was a drawing show for kids called "Commander Mark". Well, it is pretty pathetic, but I STILL know how to draw his cartoon characters.

Ana "helping" in the dog yard

Taylor (white dog) and Star after Sunday's training run

Otter (left) and Lilly after the training run

Memphis (blurry dog on left) and her sister Jersey after the run. Even after a training run Memphis NEVER settles down or looks remotely tired. She is quite a handful at this time to handle, but hopefully she calms down a bit after this season like her mom Zoey did at her age. She is NUTS!
It was a great weekend for training. Temps were in the high 40's in the a.m. both Sat & Sun, FINALLY!!! We've been waiting for cooler temps for awhile now. Looks like fall has started. We ran two teams Saturday and Sunday 3 miles. The dogs all looked good. I ran a yearling "Fender" in lead and Larry ran another yearling "Jackson" in lead. They were both SUPER!! Both lead with absolute confidence, next to a veteran leader, which is surprising since both would not lead at all in the spring. We are very excited about all 11 yearlings we have in our teams this year. Thanks Pete & Sharon for the breedings to Strider & Elrond! I think they are the foundation of great things to come to our kennel.
Saturday afternoon I went over to the Sutherby's in Mancelona for a musher get-to-gether. It was soooo nice sittin under the shade tree, relaxing and talking dogs. I met a lot of very nice people. Thanks Russ & Sherry for the great food and awesome brownies! I also got to see Ranger, Excel & Dot. They looked so good. I really missed them when I left, especially Ranger. He is such a great "buddy".

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Billie said...

I loved your family time shots. I remember you drawing those characters all the time. You have so much talent! And I don't...hee hee Thanks for posting fun shots. I love to see what you are up to. I hope you have a great day!