Sunday, September 23, 2007

Puppies, Training & Ana...The pups are now 12 weeks old. Tried to take a picture of them, but they aren't very good at standing still!!
Ana LOVES to help with the dogs. This is her stretching the line out before hookup. She is tough, doesn't care about getting dirty and LOVES the dogs, she will definetly be a musher someday!!

This is my team on the first mile of trail Saturday night. Razzle and Eddie are in wheel.

Otter (brown dog) and Cowgirl leading my team on Saturday. Otter is turning into a wonderful leader like her mom, Windows. She is always very happy and wagging her tail.

Duelly (black dog) and Boston after Sunday morning's run. Duelly is also doing very well in lead this year. He did a super job staying focused and keeping the line out with Boston in lead with him the last half of the run. Very important to pair your youngsters with good leaders so they don't learn any bad habits.

Jackson, one of the yearlings, after Sunday's run. He is going to be a super star!! He looks tired with his one eye closed, but you'd never know it on the trail.

Ana gettin' dirty playing in the mud while we were doing our dog chores. When she comes outside to help us train, she always says "It's gonna be Great"!! That is what Sponge Bob says, and Ana watches that ALL the time.
We had a nice weekend getting a few things done. Larry changed out our furnace to a 93% instead of 80% to save some $$ on propane this winter. I still have to spray out the freezers today and get them ready for our meat that I pick up this week (1,000 pounds). Aside from the warm weather and taking a few more days off than we wanted, the training is going very well. All the dogs are working hard, have excellent attitudes and are very responsive to our commands- even the yearlings, they learn quick!! We are still running our 4.2 mile trail, but will most likely be running 6 miles by next weekend. It is also supposed to get cooler again on Tuesday- yeah!! Well, I better get outside and get the rest of my stuff done so I can RELAX- yeah right!!!

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Billie said...

It is going to be so fun to get our girls together someday. Ana looks so fun. Great job on training. I am excited to follow your season through your blog this year. Talk to you this week. Miss you.