Monday, September 17, 2007

Training......Nothing exciting going on here, just more dog training. We are currently running 4.2 miles, me with 11 dogs and Larry with 12. We have been rotating a bunch of different leaders each training run. We each go out with two and come back with one new one in lead so a total of 6 dogs are running lead each training run. My trusty awesome leader "Windows" will not be keeping up with the main team this year, so we have to make sure the other younger ones can get the job done. So far, they are doing a great job. The best veteran leaders for this year are: Star, Otter, Duelly, Tefa, Zoey, Cowgirl. Odessa runs lead, but does not know commands, just a trail leader and "hunts" the whole time she is up there. The best yearling leaders so far are: Jersey, Boston, Fender, Jackson, Gibson and Eddie. The weather was perfect for training this weekend, nice and cold and we got to run our favorite 4 mile trail. It goes through the most beautiful land. If I won the lotto, I would want to buy it!! The pups are now 11 weeks old and we have them chasing the 4wheeler a few times a week for some exercise. They have so much energy!! They are currently running 1.6 miles. The fastest pups are BJ, Dana, & Serra, then Franklin. The slowest group is Geoge, Silva and Liddell.

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