Monday, June 4, 2007

Past Puppy Pics
Duelly & Otter out of our 2004 litter of puppies. They are now 3 years old and both are very good sled dogs.
Tak, one of our 2006 pups out of Odessa/Elrond. Harness broke and doing very well.

Love this picture of Taylor and Peavey (2006 pups) and the other pup's butt sticking out from the steps.

Makenzie (my niece) and Jackson. 2006 pup out of Odessa. He is also doing very well so far in training.

Koyuk & Tak 2006. Koyuk is so good with all our pups. He LOVES them and lets them bite and climb all over him.
We have been getting a TON of rain here for the past 3 days!! Sucks, cause it gets muddy out by the dogs. We have to dig little trenches so the water drains from the dog's spots. The dogs run around their spots and create a berm of dirt, so when it rains, the water collects there and can't go anywhere. So...that is where the trenches come in. It is fun watching the river of water flow away. Hope it dries up soon, Ana can't stand being inside for too many days!! She loves to come out and help me with the dogs. She has her own shovel and rake and told me the other day that she was "poop scoopin". We poop scoop twice a day, so she will be a great help in the future!!

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