Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ana & WindowsAna & Zoey. Zoey is a blur since she never stands still, even with only 3 weeks to go before she has her pups.
Ana & Ranger
Ana & Koyuk
Ana & Odessa

It was a beautiful weekend!! Yesterday we went downstate for my cousin's graduation to see my relatives. It was so nice to see everyone. The food was awesome!! Ana played in the kiddie pool with Maddie and played on my Aunt Sherry & Uncle Fred's really cool swing set. She did NOT want to leave!!
We also went to visit Jerry Papke's kennel while we were there. We wanted to see his Prairie Bilt sled and his Mike Lee pups. Mike Lee is a brother to our Zoey. They were very nice looking dogs, really leggy. Jerry just got done telling us how he wasn't going to have another litter this summer, when his dogs had other plans. He had some young dogs loose in the female play pen can guess what happened next!! Well, looks like he will have some more pups coming in about 62 days!!
Today we just hung around the yard and kennel in the nice weather. Ana is so good about going near the dogs. They are very good with her. It is almost as if they know to be gentle. She is getting really good at knowing most of the dog's names also. I hope you like her dog yard "get up". She has to wear the hat because she likes to use her shovel and put dirt in her hair. I was getting tired of giving her a bath EVERY time we went outside to feed dogs.

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Billie said...

I love hearing about your weekends. Ana looks cute too. My kids always put dirt in their hair. When I come to visit next we will have to let the kiddos play together, my girls would love the dogs.