Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nice weekendOn Friday we went on our nightly 5 mile bike ride. We had a garage sale a few weeks ago and raised $302, so we FINALLY broke down and bought some bikes for us. It is so fun and a great workout! Ana LOVES it! On Saturday my parents had Ana stay over so we went out to dinner, then bowling, then went back to our house and played board games with friends. It was so much fun and VERY nice to get out and do something!! My parents had quite a night with Ana. She woke up crying at 2:30 am, then went back to bed. Then, at 3:30 am my parents awoke to their alarm system going off!! Well, Ana had gotten out of her room and climbed down the stairs to the first floor and made the alarm go off!! I had no idea she could navigate stairs so well in the dark! THEN, Sunday morning she got into my dad's office and pulled the computer monitor ontop of her! So....they had an exciting night!
Windows sleeping

Odessa resting

Zoey in her puppy pen
On Sunday we did some much needed work around the house and kennel. We replaced some VERY worn chains and snaps and moved Zoey to the pen by the house so we can keep a closer eye on her. She is due July 1st, so we don't have much longer. You can see above that she has definetly gotten fatter.

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Billie said...

What a fun story about Ana. Grandparents have all the fun...hee hee. Your night out sounds fun too. Wish I was there to play games with you. I was driving to the store tonight and a fun old song came on and I thought about you. We have so many fun memories. Miss you friend.