Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Bone Day"
This is the most Memphis EVER sits still!!Odessa

Jersey hiding behind her house with her bone

Boston & Gibson
Every Wednesday is "bone day" in the kennel. The whole kennel gets a rawhide dental chew. It is good for their teeth and also keeps them busy for awhile. Some like to hide in or behind their house while they chew their bone. Cowboy and Cowgirl (not pictured) NEVER chew theirs, it just gets buried in their spot. I have no idea why I still give them one.


Billie said...

Your dogs are so beautiful and I would love to have one of those little puppies....I don't think they would like the heat here though. Great pictures. We need the rain so please send it our way. hee hee

Rodrigo said...

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