Friday, June 1, 2007

Nothing exciting has been going on here. We are about a month away from Zoey having puppies. Thought I'd post a few fall training pictures from previous years.
September 2006 training from home. This valley is one of my favorite trails to run the dogs.

October 2005 training at Bob & Jan's in the U.P.

December 2006 training out of my dad's "Bear Camp" in McMillan, in the U.P. My family and Jerry Papke went up there for about 4 days last year and ran the dogs on some great trails.

December 2006 at "Bear Camp". This is one of my favorite action shots training with Jerry Papke's team.

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Billie said...

Hey Joann, I love your training shots. I miss you. I will try to call you this week. It's been busy for me these past couple weeks. Tell your family hello.