Monday, August 27, 2007

This is our new yearling "Eddie" that we bought from Pete & Sharon Curtice. This is a repeat breeding (Hurricane/Caesar) that produced a litter with an almost 100% success rate. Most of them made their winning teams as yearlings and all of them made their main teams as 2 year olds. He is doing awesome in the team and we are so glad for the opportunity to add him to our kennel. This is Fender holding the line out in lead ( a bit dark for the picture). She wasn't displaying any leader qualities in spring during puppy training, but Larry finished his run with her proudly leading the team. She looked super!Look at our little band of hooligans! They are 8 weeks old now. They get out of their pen twice a day for runs around the kennel and to chew on EVERYTHING! Soon we will start having them chase the 4-wheeler.

Ana escapes the pups jumping on her and knocking her down by standing in her wagon.

Ana trying to keep the puppies away from her.

The weather is still a bit warm most days for training, but we still managed to hook up dogs 4 times. We have to wait until it is late when the temps go down, then hook up the first team, then the 2nd, then come inside to eat and go to bed. It is hard work, but I LOVE it!! Larry is having a great time running his own team. We switch dogs back and forth so we both get to run every dog.

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