Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ana & Larry Puppies sleeping

We have been super busy here lately. We are doing more things to the house to hopefully sell it soon so we can move further into the boonies and getting final things done to get ready for fall training. We usually start on the 20th, but won't get to unless it cools down soon. It has been hot and super dry here. We have not gotten a drop of rain in atleast 3 weeks!! There is a big forest fire north of Newberry in the U.P. that is threatening some of our friend's kennels in the area if they don't get some rain and get it contained soon. The Holmberg's were evacuated from their house a few days ago. This is no easy task when you have to take a whole kennel of dogs with you. I hope nobody leaves their campfires unattended around here! They shouldn't be having them at all, but do not listen!
Last Sunday we took Ana to her cousin Makenzie's birthday party. She had a blast and LOVED swimming in the pool with all the kids. Last night Sherry Sutherby stopped over to pick up Ranger. He is one of our beloved 8 year old leaders that was on our main team for 4 years. I promised him to the Sutherby's if we ever decided to sell him. We really needed to make some more room in the kennel with 7 new pups and a new yearling we bought from the Curtice's. He seemed happy as can be when we loaded him into their truck. I know he will have a great home there. Ana immediately wanted to know where Ranger went after they left. Then she cried for a little while "where's my Ranger". I really thought she would not even care, she is only 2.5 years old. But she really knows the dogs already and can name most of the 30 dogs that we have. The Curtice's will be staying with us this weekend. We can't wait to show them the pups we have out of their Strider. We are also showing our house tomarrow morning, so things will be super busy around here for the next few days. Have a great weekend, hope for some rain!!

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Billie said...

Thanks for the update on life in MI. I miss you and I really enjoy our weekly chats. Your pictures are great too. Ana is really getting big. Talk to you soon.