Monday, August 20, 2007

Let The Fun Begin!!! Zoey & Windows in lead. I am running Zoey with Windows more this year so she learns commands.
Boston (left) & Razzle

" Fender", one of the yearling females. She did super!!
" George", every time I look down, he is sitting at attention at my feet. Quickly becoming my favorite pup.
Larry & George

Me & Liddell
We started our fall training last night. The temps were great and the dogs were amped!! They were carrying on all day, knowing we were going to run. We had been out getting all the equipment ready for most of the day. I couldn't wait to run all the engery out of all the young dogs. They've been driving me crazy for the past few weeks. They were glad their summer vacation came to an end. I took out the first team of 11 and the dog yard erupted. It was LOUD!! I had 5 yearlings in my team and every one of them did super. I was proud of the whole team. Boston, pictured above, is just a beast in harness. I can't wait to have more like him in the team next year. Next, Larry took his team of 11 out. He also had 5 yearlings and every one of them did awesome!! He had some leader trouble at first, then had a good run. His run seemed like it took FOREVER, since I was back at the dog yard waiting for them to return. We will swap teams tonight so we can get a chance to look at all the dogs. It is hard for me, I usually do 90% of the training in the fall, so I can see every dog in training. Now that Larry wants to run them, I have to learn to share and boy is it hard!! Tomarrow, there will be no training. Me and Sherry Sutherby are driving up to Pete & Sharon Curtice's to pick up my new dog Eddie. We are stopping at a couple of other kennels also. Needless to say, we will be gone most of the day. We probably won't even be tired of talking "dogs" by the time we get home.

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Billie said...

How fun. It is neat to hear the excitement in your words as you write about how much you enjoy your dogs and training them. I hope your season goes well and that one of these times I will be able to see you race. miss you friend.