Saturday, October 3, 2009

BEAR CAMP 2009Tahquamenon River

Star (left) and Boston in lead

All our young dogs staked out at camp

Our team on one of the many beautiful trails

Ana, Me and Jake, our Border Collie pup. For the record, he is the ONLY dog my mom EVER let inside the cabin! He was sooo good all weekend!

The boys ready for a run!

A green bug on a leaf

Odessa & Cowgirl sprawled out in the afternoon

Larry evaluating the team after the run

me watering Jackson (left) and Liddell on the run

Larry & Ana fishin'

Fender (grey dog) and Serra, 2 of our most promising young females

Eddie (left) and Prophet leading the team

The team after a run. Jersey (left) and her mom, Zoey in lead

Cigar, our pick of our current yearlings out of Mike Lee & Odessa

Larry and dad building a roof over the front porch

This is a little late. Over Labor Day Weekend, for the 2nd year in a row, we went up to "Bear Camp". It is my dad's cabin in Mcmillan in the U.P. Larry, Ana, me, my mom & Dad and Aunt Sueanne and Uncle Lee all drove up for a spectacular weekend! It is out in the middle of nowhere (really!) on the Taquamenon River, the perfect place for us to be! We took our entire kennel of dogs up also and trained every day. It was so much fun! We also got lots of relaxing time in, which is always a plus! The only thing that sucks, is leaving after a fun filled weekend. We hope to go up again, one more time, before the snow gets here.

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