Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let The Madness Begin!!!!!Larry's team on their 2nd training run. Dana and Star in lead.

My team going up the "big hill". It is almost a mile long and very good training for the dogs.

Dana, one of our most promising leaders and she is only 2!

Ana and Rags, one of our yearlings.

Ana with Fender's pups. They are now 7 weeks old.

Our Border Collie pup (left) getting checked out by Libby and Roxy. Jake's favorite activity is herding the pups.

Ana and Roxy

Ana and I taking a break from stacking wood

Larry and I after we ran our teams. Ana took this picture.
Fall training started for us on Aug. 21st. The temps finally cooled off and we were more than ready to start hooking up dogs! The dogs have been a little nuts the past couple of weeks, so we couldn't wait to run some of that energy out of them. They were amped, but our runs went smoothly, with no equipment malfunctions. Thank goodness!!!
Our basement project has been put on hold for now. We won't have time to get much done until spring. We still hope to get the ceiling and the floor done before we stop working on it for the year.
The pups are now 7 weeks old and growing fast. Ana has made sure they get tons of attention. If we are outside (which is all the time), she is with those pups.
This weekend we are packing up the kennel and going to the U.P. to my dad's cabin for a little R & R and of course, some dog training. We can't wait to get away!! Plus, it is nice that we can take our dogs on vacation with us. We hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!!


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Kathleen said...

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