Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer and more Waiting!!"Silly Lilly" says "yeah, it's summer!!

Prophet (left) and Zoey in lead after one of our final spring training runs

Jersey (left) and her mom, Zoey, in lead after one of our spring training runs. Jersey is very promising and will most likely be running main lead with her mom on our main team next winter. She is GOOD!

One of our spring puppy runs this year. We have 5 pups out of Mike Lee/Odessa from last year that we harness broke this spring. They are naturals! We got a total of 8 hookups on them. They are ready for fall now.

Larry and Ana during spring kennel clean up. All winter we put tons of straw in the dog's houses to keep them warm. Well, then we spend all spring raking and cleaning it up! It took us 2 weekends in early May to get it done. It is a BIG job!

Ana on her new swing set that Larry built. She loves it! We are trying to teach her to pump her legs so she can do it on her own. She is very stubborn though! Must take after Larry:)

Ana in her seat on the back of the four wheeler. This is where she rides during training runs. She holds the bar to stay on safely. Plus, she is higher up than me, so she can see the team.

Our super 2.5 year old female, Fender . Her mom, Odessa was bred to the Magnusson's super dog Billy this spring. Billy has incredible race credentials like being in Doug Swingley's 2nd place Iditarod team, Melanie Shirilla's 1st place Wyoming Stage Stop team, and many great race finishes for the Magnusson's. So, we were very excited for pups out of these two. Well, May 5th came and went and no pups. Odessa didn't look pregnant, so I took her into the vet for an Xray. NO PUPPIES!!! We were extremely disapointed. Not for long though. We discovered that one of the best dogs in our kennel, Fender was in heat. Fender has been on my main team for every race since she was a yearling. She is a machine. So, we called up the Magnusson's and they dropped Billy off out our place on their way back home. Now hopefully, we will be expecting some super pups July 18th. All that waiting AGAIN really sucks though! The days will probably go by extremely slow!
We have been busy as usual here. Spring brings us many outdoor projects. We are almost finished with everything outside. We will then move to working on the basement. We hope to have it finished by the end of summer, before fall training starts. Once training starts, there is no time for anything else.
Ana is done with preschool until fall, so it is so nice not getting up at the crack of dawn anymore. I love my sleep!
We have had only had a handful of warm days here. It has been a really cold spring. I'm like the only one not complaining though. It gave us a chance to get tons of work done and run our dogs.
My blog entries have been few and far between lately, so I promise to update more regularly. On the schedule today: our garden. Hopefully, it will all be planted by Sunday. I will take some pictures of all Larry's hard work shortly. Have a great weekend!!!


Lazy Husky Ranch said...

I love Silly Lilly! Hopefully Fender will take - can't wait!

anglina said...

Silly Lilly...Really Cute