Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally!!!! Summer!!!Ana in the new "poop pit" that Larry dug by hand! He was so proud of it, too bad I had to start filling the beautiful hole with, well, you can guess what!

Larry with Man o War (left) and Rags

Me and Smarty. He really fits his name. He is VERY smart! He looks exactly like his dad. I hope he turns out like him.

Ana playing with all the crazy pups



Man O War ("Manny")
Well, it finally quit raining after almost 2 weeks of rain EVERY day and turned into summer. It has been so nice out. As you can see above the puppies are really growing. Ana has been working hard keeping them socialized. We have been busy with summer projects the last couple of weeks. Larry dug us a new poop pit. We had an excavator dig the last one when we built the house. It lasted 7 years and we needed another. So, to save us the $250 it would cost to dig a new one, Larry dug it by hand. It only took him 6 hours and one chiropractor visit! The summer is already flying by, I can't believe it will be the 4th of July next Friday! We always go up to Mackinaw city for the 4th. We like to shop at all the gift shops, get ice cream and fudge and then go out to dinner. Hopefully, they will also have fireworks while we are there. We can't wait to take Ana to see fireworks this year. She was always too small before, so this will be the big year. Well, Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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Billie said...

I miss you friend. I left you a message today. Ana is getting so big and she is sooooo cute. I love all the pictures of her doing all the things you love to do. She is going to grow up to be just like her Momma. And that will be great. You're a great Mom and wife. I love seeing all your pictures and hearing what you are doing. I wish I could say I will be seeing you soon but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I do miss you and look forward to the time when we can come to Gaylord and hang out. You're a dear friend. Miss you.