Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ana & Odessa's pups


Pile O pups

Odessa hiding from the pups


Big Brown sleeping while sitting

The pups are now 5 weeks old and getting friskier by the day. We went with some of our favorite race horses as the theme to this litter.
The boys are: Man O War (one of the greatest race horses of all time 20 wins out of 21 races), Curlin (07 horse of the year), Cigar (one of the winningest horses, tied Citation's record), and Smarty (o4 Derby & Preakness winner).
The girls are: Ruffian (one of the greatest fillies of all time), Rags (first filly to win the Belmont in 102 years, winning in 07) and Big Brown (this year's Derby & Preakness winner). Yeah, she has a boy name, but oh well!!!
Nothing much has been going on here, except I swear it will never stop raining!!! It has poured every day for about a week now. The poor dogs all have HUGE puddles/lakes at their spots. I have to dig little rivers daily to get the water away from them. Poor guys! I am really getting sick of all the rain. When will it end????
Atleast we live on a hill, or we'd probably be underwater.
Martin & BJ went to their new home last week in Quebec. We delivered them across the border last Thursday so their new owner wouldn't have to drive so far. Duelly goes to his new home on the 23rd. He will be living in Ontario.
Oh, it is pouring again!!!! Big surprise!!!! Maybe we should get a boat, I wonder if we'd save on gas???!!! Probably not.......

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