Monday, July 23, 2007

"Puppy Time"

We call our time with the pups "puppy time". They are getting bigger at 3 weeks old and getting around pretty good. This is me with two of the males. The one facing the camera is "Liddell".
"Franklin" is the brown and white male and "Dana" is the white female.

Larry is holding "BJ", she is the most outgoing and adventurous of the pups. The whole litter are not shy at all and are all very friendly, but BJ is the standout so far.

This is Larry fixing Star's platform. We put Star on a platform shortly after we got her a few years ago since she digs HUGE 3 foot holes big enough for her whole body to fit inside. They are more like dens. Well, she was STILL digging HUGE holes all along the sides of the platform where she can reach. She also has developed a taste for rocks and was almost completely blocked 3 different times this summer. Thankfully, she passed them on her own without having surgery, it is expensive to get them removed!! So, we decided to end all of her digging and prevent her rock eating from happening by adding more plywood to the sides. Star just watched Larry in disgust, knowing her favorite pastimes were coming to an end. It has been GREAT for me!! No more burying HUGE holes!!

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