Monday, July 9, 2007

Ana & Puppies

The puppies are all doing very well. They are 9 days old now and will open their eyes in the next couple of days. Ana LOVES the puppies and says she IS a puppy ever since Zoey had them. She asks for a "doggie bone" for breakfast or "puppy toast" and wants "doggie food" for dinner. We are pretty sure we decided on the names for them. They are named after UFC fighters. The females are: BJ (BJ Penn), Dana (Dana White President of UFC), Lea (Rachel Lea, the ring girl), Serra (Matt Serra, welterweight champ), Silva (Anderson Silva middle weight champ).
The males are: Liddell (Chuck Liddel former light heavy weight champ), George (George St. Pierre former welterweight champ) and Franklin (Rich Franklin former middle weight champ). It is hard to tell most of the pups apart because of all the spots, so we are not sure which ones get which names yet.

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Billie said...

Remember when we always played dogs. She is just like you! How fun. call me this week.