Sunday, May 20, 2007

Star after the Run. Look at her back feet, I have no idea why she sometimes picks them up like that. She looked so sad and pathetic that I just had to snap a picture of her. Windows & Lilly after the run. This was Lilly's first time in lead for us and she did a great job!

Fender & Taylor

Ana giving Peavey & Odessa treats after the run

We went on another puppy training run today. It was nice and cold, 42 degrees. We ran all 7 Odessa/Elrond pups with 7 adults. They are the guitar litter: Tak, Peavey, Fender, Taylor, Gibson, Jackson, and Martin. The 4-wheeler ran out of gas about halfway through, so we had them pull us in neutral the rest of the way. They did so great and pulled us the whole way up the "BIG" hill (.7 miles long). We let them go a bit faster on the way home between 12-14 mph at times. They were flyin and having a great time. This was their 10th hookup and probably their best. All in all, a GREAT run.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Ana. She is looking like a real musher with her red hooded sweatshirt and Carhartt hat. (Or perhaps like a little Joann...)

Great Blog guys! Keep the info coming.

Sherry in Mancelona