Tuesday, May 8, 2007

2007 recap

We had a decent year racing this year. We ran the Tahquamenon 8 dog pro, Apostle Islands 6 & 8 dog and the Midnight Run. We finished in the middle of the pack in every race, but learned a TON this year that will help us in the coming years with the dogs. We have a very young kennel and are gearing these dogs for a more competitive future. We are tweaking our fall training and sled training a bit for next season and also continuing a lot of similar training from last season. We learned a lot about dog care in the past few years and finally got to apply it during our first checkpoint race (the Midnight Run) this year. We thought we did everything right as far as dog care went, and I made it through the race in one piece (even though it was a very dangerous first leg and we had a lot of problems, lost team etc.), but all in all we finally finished and will use all we learned for next season to be more competitive.
Last weekend we picked Zoey up from the Curtice's. She was there being bred by Strider. This is a repeat breeding from last season. We really like the yearlings we have now out of that cross, so had to repeat it again, since we only have 3 from that breeding. Zoey is out of Doug Swingley's kennel and Strider is a Caesar (Swingley) son who has been on the Curtice's winning teams for the past 2 years. Last year we also bred our Odessa (Swingley) with the Curtice's Elrond (also a Caesar son) that has also been on their winning teams for the past 2 years. We got 7 awesome pups out of that breeding as well. This year, only one breeding, I was too busy last year with all those puppies!! Zoey is due July 1st, I can't wait!!
We are hoping to get a couple more hookups this spring on the Odessa yearlings before it gets too warm. If it cools down, they will get run this weekend a couple of times. The Zoey yearlings already have 14 hookups, so they are ready for fall. All are training well. I can't wait for fall training already!!

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