Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tahquamenon Highlights
Team Fortier

Our pit crew, my dad (left) with his long time high school friend, Jerry Papke's dad, Carl.

My mom
photo by Aladino C. Mandoli
Larry & team: Bruny & Pansy in lead, then Tuba, Banjo, Odessa, Daisy, Rosie, and Dee Dee

Photo by Aladino C Mandoli
My team: George & Roxy in lead, Zeus, Poppy, Curlin, Smarty, Manny & Fender

 photo by Aladino C Mandoli 

 photo by Aladino C Mandoli

photo by Aladino C Mandoli

Ana making snow angels

photo by Aladino C Mandoli
1st place 8 dog team: Jerry Papke
Our 1st race was almost a month ago, the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog race. Larry & I both ran the 8 dog, 42 mile class. We had a great time, the trail was awesome!! I finished in 2nd place behind Jerry Papke's team. Larry finished in 7th place with our B team. Our conditions since have been up and down. After the race, we had a week of warm temps, rain & ice. Then,
 we got dumped on with about 2 feet of snow. We had 10 great days of training. Now we had yet another warm up for 3 days that involved temps in the 40's and more rain & ice. We are supposed to get more snow, but we only have about an inch
ontop of all the ice so far.
 I HOPE winter comes back so we can train again soon. Our 2nd race of the year, the Midnight Run, is only 15 days away on Feb. 14th. Us and the dogs are looking forward to it.

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