Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Highlights

Summer Highlights

Ana finishing her 1st race, the 1 mile fun run at Alpenfest

Larry & Ana after their races. Larry got 3rd in his age group in the 10K

Larry at his 1st race of the year, the Mellon 5K

On our way to Taylor's wedding

All dressed up for Taylor's wedding on Mackinaw Island. We had so much fun!!

At the Gavin Degraw concert in Interlochen

Ana with Mia

Our dog yard project. Over 40 trees were cut to make more room.

Our friend Rob standing on a HUGE root ball

After a ton of work, this is what it looks like. Much nicer not having all the trees around!

Now we can hook up our team right in the middle of the dog yard instead of taking each dog 70+ yards each time. We also have a new outgoing trail so we don't have to go down our driveway anymore.

The view of the other side of the dog yard. Also built 4 new pens. We still have to fence the entire yard, but we are working on it.

This is a picture of our old dog yard so you can compare. It was heavily wooded, so it was hard to have any type of organization with all the trees in the way. It is nice having all the room now!

We have had quite a summer this year!! Been super busy, so always forget to update the blog. I figured I better do it before training starts!! Our dog yard project was the huge project of the year. We started in late April. Our friends Rob & Joey came to help and cut all the trees and Joey did all the dozer work. We could not have done it without them!! It is soooo much nicer now!! Dog training starts in one week, I cannot wait to hook up the dogs for the first time in the middle of the dog yard. This will be so much easier for us! We still have to fence it, which we are currently in the process of.

Some fun highlights: my super fun all girls weekend with friends from high school, the Gavin Degraw concert, the 4th of July (fireworks with friends), my bestest friend for over 28 years coming to Michigan for 2 weeks, Alpenfest, our friend Taylor's Mackinaw Island wedding, and Farm Fest. We have had so much fun this summer. We have 2 more events, Camping and Larry's half marathon, then dog training starts! I cannot wait!! The weather is cooler and the dogs are restless and full of energy.


Shannon Miller said...

You look like quite the couple of hotties all dapper in your wedding clothes! Miss Ana looks just like her daddy. :-)

Joann said...

Thanks Shannon:)

Kathleen said...

You two look ADORABLE! You both sure clean up well!!! Love the new dog yard. I cannot get over how many trees you have on your property! What did you do with all the wood?