Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Odessa had 7 puppies on April 6th! There are 3 males, 4 females. We bred her to Pete & Sharon Curtice's super leader, Elrond. This is a repeat breeding that we did in 2006 that produced 3 of the best dogs on our main team: Jackson, Gibson & Fender. She had the exact same number of pups as last time & the same male/female ratio. The only difference is last time she had almost all white puppies, this time we got lots of colorful ones!! We have another litter due soon as well, Slider/Serra. She is due April 25th.


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh -- how I love seeing Odessa puppies! I sure wish I had the space to build up my kennel. We're looking for land, but it seems like it'll be a long process. Then again, one never knows.

Hope to see you next season. I'm thoroughly enjoying one of Shannon Miller's puppies -- Ginsberg -- who's turned into a very fine recreational mushing pup. I borrowed Maggie Heilmann's Chinook to train us recently and got a taste of moving FAST. I loved it! I love Chinook, and if we can ever get enough space, I hope to make her a part of our pack!

That daughter of yours is adorable!!!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...


The puppy in pics 3/4/5 - male/female? LOVE that dog. Can you take a couple pictures of JUST that one? Post or send me? GORGEOUS puppies, all of them. How exciting. Selling, or raising all of them for your own teams? Best of luck. Laurie

Joann said...

Thank you Kathleen! Odessa is such a great producer for our kennel & we will be breeding to her a few more times in the future.

Laurie- Is it the grey female with blue eyes? That is Juneau. I am updating my blog soon & will post more pics of her. We rarely sell puppies, we breed for our race teams. Since we had 13, we may sell a couple of them this time though.

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