Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bear Camp 2010!!!!!
Going to clear a year's worth of tree limbs & trees out of our trail before we could go on our runs with the dogs.

Bear Camp!

Franklin, on one of the tie outs. The sled dogs are picketed all weekend. This is excellent training for race time.

Larry's team on a 5.7 mile run

One of my teams that I ran last weekend

Larry & team on another run

22 Dogs

Happy dogs!

Waiting for treats after the run

Jackson & George & Eddie & Jersey in lead

George (left), one of our main leaders & Gibson a main team member

My family & Ali on the bridge infront of the neighbor's cabin

Me & Ana

Jerry Papke going across the river on a log without falling in!

Our Border Collie, "Jake", with his new girlfriend, "Nivea", Jerry & Ali's dog

Larry & Ana hiking along the river

Little "Tiny Tefa", our super star leader!

"Liddell", one of the UFC fighters litter

Boston, one of our main leaders

Curlin (left) & Manny, two of our top yearlings from last year

Libby (left), one of our yearling females, then Smarty & Prophet, two of our best dogs

We had an excellent weekend at Bear Camp, my parent's cabin that is North of McMillan, in the UP. My whole family went up Thursday night and spent 3 wonderful days there!! Jerry & Ali Papke got there Saturday and stayed a couple of days & Frank & Laura Holmberg stopped over and had dinner with us. We brought 22 dogs with us and got three 5.7 mile runs in while we were up there. The weather was rainy & cold, which was perfect! We had such a great time, that it was sad to leave. I love that place! It is 8 miles off of a maintained Rd., with nothing around for miles. It is so quiet and secluded and over-looks the Tahquamenon River. I could stay there forever! We came home late Sunday night, to beat the holiday traffic. Seems we have been busy ever since. Training is in full swing with the dogs and Ana starts school next week. Also, Odessa is going to have puppies any day now! We are sooo excited! I'll post a puppy update very soon!


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