Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 BreedingOdessa (picture from last summer)

Odessa & Windows (picture from fall training 06)

Mike Lee (father of this year's litter)
Well, spring is FINALLY starting to arrive. It was taking FOREVER!!!! We STILL have snow here, but it is quickly melting with all the warm temps. Usually I don't want spring to come, but this year's winter was a bit long, so I can' t wait till all the snow finally melts.
This year, we bred Odessa to Mike Lee. Odessa is one of our very best females that we bought from Doug Swingley. She always makes my main team, is a super female and all of her last litter turned out to be great sled dogs. We still had four of her yearlings training with our main team the entire season: Jackson, Fender, Tak, and Gibson. Gibson & Fender even ran the Midnight Run this year and did awesome. We chose Mike Lee from Jerry Papke's kennel for the stud. Mike Lee doesn't look like much, but he is a heck of a sled dog. He is also the full brother to our female Zoey that we also bought from the Swingley's. So, esentially we are crossing our most promising Swingley lines together. Mike Lee lead Frank Holmberg & Jerry Papke's teams to two 1st place finishes (Tahquamenon 12 dog & 8 dog Apostle Islands) and two 3rd place finishes (6 dog White Oak & The Midnight Run) this season. We think this cross will be a good one and can't wait till the pups get here. She is due May 8th and is already showing. Ana is super excited for Odessa to have her pups. We will keep you posted!


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